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'Green Skincare for a Greener Future'

Botani is passionate about green beauty and we have been applying green chemistry principles since 2003, from sourcing raw materials to the manufacturing process, right through to our recyclable packaging to the finished products which are plant-based, efficacious, and science-backed.

Botani has always believed in being transparent and ethical, putting people, animals, and the environment first by strictly using natural ingredients that are biodegradable, organic, and sustainable.

What Is Green Chemistry?

The green chemistry philosophy involves removing hazardous ingredients that are toxic to the environment and human health from the manufacturing of raw materials.

This means abolishing the process of sourcing cosmetic ingredients from fossil fuels and instead obtaining these ingredients from vegetable and botanical sources with the goal of reducing environmental impacts such as gas emissions and waste.

Green chemistry eliminates synthetic fragrances and preservatives, sources ingredients from natural origins that are non-GMO, and ensures that materials are obtained using sustainable harvesting that prevents deforestation, protects biodiversity, and prevents animal cruelty.

What is Green Beauty ?

Green beauty places an emphasis on environmental friendliness and not causing any harm to the environment or human health, and green beauty brands are eco-friendly, sustainable, and socially responsible.

Not only does this entail sourcing ingredients that are safe for you and the environment, but also embedding this ethos at the core of everything we do.

Our Expert Team

Our Natural Skin Expert

Barbara Filokostas

A qualified Naturopath and Herbalist, Barbara is passionate about helping people live healthy, toxin-free lives. Having treated numerous clients’ skin conditions over the years, she takes a holistic approach to both skin and overall health.

She believes in simplicity, natural beauty, and the power of good-quality, pure ingredients (when it comes to both food and beauty!). Barbara is fascinated by skincare ‘bases’ – and believes it is integral to create skincare bases that allow the skin to breathe.

Our Microbiologist

Derio Comar

Botáni’s ongoing collaboration with Derio Comar, leading microbiologist and industrial chemist, guarantees product integrity that customers can rely on Derio, founder of Microtech Laboratories Pty Ltd (Silliker Microtech Pty Ltd), has made a significant contribution to Botáni quality control and Research & Development procedures.

With over 40 years of experience, Derio Comar’s work has focused on consumer products ranging from foods to cosmetics, medicines and medical devices.

“Quality in products is not something you can take for granted, it must be designed into the product and requires real commitment and a focused Research and Development policy,” Derio states. “Botáni has always shown a commitment to product innovation and to ensuring product quality by undertaking a range of laboratory tests as part of their product development program. Proving effectiveness requires the application of good science.”