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Foot Care

Foot care is a fundamental part of your skincare routine. Your feet are amazing, but without effective foot care, they may be susceptible to issues. Your feet are sturdy, hard-working, operate as a grounding connection to the earth and really do require as much love and attention as your beautiful face does. Every stride you take puts pressure on your feet.

Your feet lack the natural oil glands that the rest of our skin has so your feet are naturally drier and prone to problems like cracked heels, dry, flaky and peeling skin, especially during winter. If you are wearing incorrect footwear or poorly ventilated sneakers or shoes, then you may be heading towards other foot issues such as calluses, bunions, corns, athlete’s foot, foot odour, cracked heels and fungal infections.

Botani’s Effective Foot Care Tips

Our highly effective foot care tips will help prevent and treat any issues your feet may suffer from such as bacterial and fungal infections, cracked heels and dry skin. Establish a skin care routine which incorporates your feet, they are often crying out for help and sometimes a lack of effective foot care may lead to, or reflect problems in other parts of your body.

As part of our 100% botanically based natural problem-solving skincare and pharmaceutical products, Botáni has lovingly blended a beautiful selection of products to address your feet. Your feet will be stunning, healthy and happy with our simple but highly effective foot care products and tips.