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Fungal Rashes

Fungal infections of the skin are quite common and include (but are not limited to) athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, and candida/yeast infections. Each type of candida infection has its unique set of characteristics, but as a whole, fungal rashes are usually characterised by red, itchy, raised skin. Fungi is naturally present within the skin, and likes warm, moist areas of the body.

Although each type of fungal infection will require slightly different treatment, the general course of action would be:

  1. Cleanse the area well with Eco Clear Body Bar (contains natural antibacterial properties).
  2. Dry the affected area well.
  3. Apply Phytoseptic Anti-Fungal Skin Cream twice a day until symptoms disappear.
  4. If the fungal infection does not seem to be improving within a few days – seek further care from your healthcare practitioner.