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oily skin

What is oily skin?

Oily skin is characterized by enlarged pores with a tendency to develop blemishes in the t-zone. Generally, people with oily skin experience a ‘shiny’ look to their skin, which is excess sebum on the skin’s surface.

What causes /triggers oily skin?

Oily skin means there is excess oil being produced in the skin (oil becomes entrapped in pilosebaceous follicles). Oil glands are stimulated by hormones – and hormonal fluctuations can be triggered by stress, puberty, disease/sickness, menstrual cycles, as well as exacerbated by environmental factors such as harsh skincare and poor diet and lifestyle factors.

Tips to help manage oily skin naturally

  • Do not try to strip the skin of its natural oils with harsh products. Using an overload of drying ingredients (e.g. talc-based powders, alcohol-laden astringents, drying soaps) may work in the short term until your skin’s natural protective cycle starts to kick in and it may begin to overproduce oil (and that typical cycle of dry-oil-dry-oily begins).
  • Use a moisturiser! Don’t deprive your skin of the moisture it needs. Use a lightweight moisturiser – otherwise, you risk dehydration.
  • Pay attention to diet, lifestyle and stress levels – have a consultation with a Naturopath if need be.

Recommended 3-step skincare routine for oily skin

There is no standard skin type for Rosacea patients. Many sufferers experience dry, flaky skin while others may have normal or oily skin or both. The key is to identify your skin type and select the Botáni products which are best for you.

  1. Purify Facial Cleanser – a sulphate-free and pH balanced gel cleanser that will remove the day’s dirt as well as any light makeup
  2. Rescue Acne Cream – use as a spot treatment to absorb oil along the t-zone. Or use Exfoliating 2 in 1 Scrub & Mask for an all-over treatment mask.
  3. Boost Balancing Moisturiser – a lightweight daily moisturiser with hydrating actives, soothing botanicals and naturally antibacterial herbs – all without the heavy, greasy feel!