Embrace Cream For Dry Skin

Embrace Cream For Dry Skin

Our number two skin care tip is to embrace cream for dry skin. Stick to cream based cleansers and moisturisers. Flick through any gossip or fashion magazine these days and you’re likely to find the latest celebrity diet tips and tricks, most of which would ban cream from your shopping list. But here at Botáni, we’re telling you that cream, and lots of it is good! Well, when it comes to products for dry skin.

Keeping the skin hydrated is essential when trying to combat dry skin. Hydration and remaining moist is what stops your skin from looking as scaly like a reptile and keeps it looking as silky smooth as a seal.

Whilst you may have considered the types of products you use on your skin topically to stop the skin from drying out, one thing you may not have considered is the product’s texture or consistency.

Cream-Based Formulas

Cream-based formulas, such as Botáni’s Olive Soothing Cleanser and Olive Repair Cream are designed to moisturise the skin. Particularly important for the eye area (an area lacking in sebaceous oil glands), cream based products replenish moisture the skin has lost or provides moisture that the skin doesn’t already produce.

Not only do cream based products allow the skin to not only remain hydrated on the outside, they allow the skin to lock all-important moisture in. Moisture loss is a major contributor to dry skin, particularly in harsh climates, however, it’s easily avoidable through using a cream based skin care product.

Imagine (if you can) that the skin is like a simmering pot of soup. As the temperature rises (much like weather does during the day), moisture begins to bubble up to the surface and evaporate. Now (again, if you can) that a cream based product is like a lid for that pot. By placing the lid on top, the soup keeps all its moisture and deliciousness in – much like the role of a moisturiser on the skin.

It may be hard for you to digest at first, (considering we’re told to avoid cream in our diet at all costs) but when it comes to the skin, discover how good creams are for you like our Olive Repair Cream for the dry and damaged skin!

We hope you enjoyed our tips and will embrace cream for any dry skin you may have.

Botáni x 

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