Why Being Stressed Is Messing With Your Skin

Why Being Stressed Is Messing With Your Skin

Stress. Anyone else get stressed about being stressed? I for one, do. I know stress can lead to a whole lotta complications so I make an effort to reduce it. As much as possible with a very jam-packed life that is.  Why is stress so bad? Well, along with weight issues, mental health concerns and long term impacts on your physical health, stress can do a number on your skin. Not sure how? Don’t worry, we’re going to step you through why being stressed is messing with your skin. 


Aka the arch-nemesis of women everywhere. It’s your bodies way of protecting itself from harm but when triggered too often, inflammation can have dire outcomes like pain, swelling, digestion issues, fatigue and mental health issues. 

When we’re stressed, our bodies can’t differentiate between physical, psychological, emotional or environmental stress. So, our bodies trigger the ‘inflammation’ function which is designed to protect us when we’re under attack. Now, a little inflammation is ok but when we’re triggering it again and again? It shows on our skin. 

The very best thing you can do is of course, stress less but it’s easier said than done, right? Instead, up your water intake, concentrate on your breathing and treat yourself to a face mask. This works to penetrate your skin and heal it from within. As an added bonus, it’s an excuse for a little rest and relaxation. 


Our least favourite word here at Botani. We are all about hydration because it keeps your skin supple and reduces the appearance of fine lines. So when our skin dehydrates? It does the opposite. 

When our bodies are under stress, it triggers a release of cortisol aka fight or flight. As a result, we get a surge of adrenaline which causes us to sweat. Ah the joys. When we sweat, we lose water. So a whole lot of stress can dry us out. If we’re not upping the water intake dramatically, our skin will feel and look dehydrated. 

Our top tip? Use our Olive Skin Serum liberally to initiate hydration. Made from olive squalene, this miracle serum (if we do say so ourselves!) replicates the naturally occurring sebum in the skin which is responsible for hydration. 


Excess Oil Production 

As we mentioned, when we’re stressed the rise in the hormone cortisol can trigger excess oil production. The surplus oil can lead to acne, eczema and psoriasis. 

If you’re looking for a cure for acne, our founder has shared some expert advice: 

“Don’t over-cleanse: excess cleansing is not going to take your oil away thus clear your acne! This actually strips the skin and interferes with the Hydrolipidic Layer (also known as the acid mantle, our skin’s natural barrier).” States Barbara. “This layer is really important for protecting the skin against infection, irritation, allergic reactions and dehydration. Over-cleansing can leave skin prone to further infection and breakouts, not to mention dehydration.”

So other than not over-cleansing, what can you do? The good news is, our Rescue Acne Cream works to treat acne outbreaks one by one and has shown to kill 99.9% of acne outbreaks in just 30 minutes! 


Brittle Hair and Nails 

Along with skin concerns, stress can impact the health of your hair and nails. When we’re in constant flight or fight mode (triggered by excess cortisol), our body stops growing new hair and rejuvenating nail cells. Often, we hear of women losing their hair when they are stressed but what’s actually happening is the normal amount of hair loss isn’t being replenished due to stress. 

So what can you do? Our Skin and Hair Oil is a lightweight, non-greasy body and hair oil which has been formulated to protect your hair from environmental stressors while strengthening each strand naturally. 

Our Hand and Body Cream works to nourish and protect your hair and nails. It’s an ideal treatment for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis too!  


Most of all, it’s important to identify your stressors and work through them. Don’t shy away from taking a day off to Netflix like a boss, have a leisurely bath and engage in some high-quality self-care.

Stay warm!

Marissa x